Nominations for Directors

Nominations have now closed

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** Update- we have extended the Nomination for Director Period to March 9th 2021**

Nominations for Directors will take place until March 9, 2021 at 23:59. 

We encourage you to consider nominating a fellow owner or consenting to be a nominee yourself.   Please note that you can only nominate within the Director Category that you are eligible to vote in.  If you are unsure as to which category you will be eligible to vote in, please contact us. 

No nominations for directorship will be accepted after midnight Pacific Time on March 9, 2021. 

1)     An individual may only run for election as director in one directorship category’;

2)     It is recommended that a candidate for election as a director for any category be (or represent) a member that  falls within the description of that category’;


Attributes, characteristics, and commitments required of applicants:  

a)      a passion for the Silver Star experience;

b)     a desire to expand and enhance the Silver Star experience;

c)      a promise to subordinate personal and regional interests and to prioritize the best interests of the whole Silver Star community;

d)     full support of the SSRA and its objectives;

e)     willing/able to give the time necessary to prepare for and participate in board and committee meetings, including to follow-up on identified issues and to accept and complete special assignments;

f)       willing/able to introduce fresh and/or creative ideas for consideration;

g)      willing/able to discuss conflicting viewpoints in a respectful, collegial, and collaborative manner;

h)     good communication skills;

i)       a promise to keep confidential, unless otherwise directed, all business discussed at meetings and committees of the SSRA board of directors;

j)       willing/able to respect and support the collective decisions of the SSRA board of directors;

k)      have no existing or potential conflict of interest with, or fiduciary association or obligation respecting, the SSRA, continuing SSRA directors, or other individuals, which will or is likely to interfere with their capacity to fully and freely perform their duties as an SSRA director;

l)       have no existing criminal record

Biography of Nominations:


Please Consider

a)      relevant interests (e.g. winter and summer recreation, such as downhill biking, cross country biking, hiking, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, and showshoeing);

b)     relevant knowledge and experience (e.g. prior directorship or executive director experience, particularly in similar resort organizations; successful lobbying experience; experience in preparing successful grant applications for incremental funding (such as government grants and tourism support programs); experience in organization of successful summer and winter mountain-focused activites and events (for fun, for artistic and/or scenic appreciation, etc.), experience in successful establishment and operation of vacation rental booking systems);

c)      relevant professional expertise;

d)     reasons for wanting to become a director

Items requiring consent and agreement by the applicant

a)      if requested by the nomination committee, to provide proof of being the legal age of majority in British Columbia (19 years);

b)     to abide by the process and rules established by the SSRA nomination committee for the 2021 election of directors and to comply with the SSRA Bylaws and all applicable laws during the election process;

c)      to allow information provided on the nomination application form to be disclosed to all SSRA members as part of the election process (except that I may request that the nomination committee consider not disclosing information of a confidential nature, such as a potential conflict of interest);

d)     to allow the number of election votes I receive to be posted on the SSRA website;

e)     to serve as a SSRA director if elected;

f)       if elected, to submit a high resolution, colour, head-and-shoulder professional photograph no later than three (3) weeks after completion of the annual general meeting;

g)      if elected, to comply with the SSRA Bylaws and any policies and rules established by the SSRA board of directors;