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The core purpose of the Silver Star Resort Association is to elevate the strength of Silver Star’s reputation as a year-round, family destination that delivers choice, quality and safety centered within an integrated and supportive community.

The increased awareness of Silver Star in the destination resort market aims to help retain existing visitors; and attract additional visitors while delivering multiple benefits including: ​

  • Maintaining and Enhancing the Silver Star Experience – Strong visitor numbers drive continued investment in the Silver Star experience, amenities and infrastructure, including trails/runs, facilities and programs for the enjoyment of both residents and visitors.

  • Enhancing Resort Community Vibrancy – Visitors help create the critical mass of people needed to keep programs viable and the resort community feeling lively and fun.

  • Enhancing Property and Business Values – A stronger local economy and more vibrant resort help enhance and/or protect property and business values for the whole resort community, perhaps more so during challenging social and economic times.

  • Improving Business and Accommodation Success – Residents and visitors benefit from the amenities, products and services that are made locally available.


The resort association aims to complement, not replace, the annual investment in marketing and sales made by the mountain operator.


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